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    Silo and Vessel Weighing

    Accurate silo and vessel weighing is essential across many industry sectors for operations including process control, stock control, batching and bulk in and out-loading.

    Silo & Vessel Weighing Systems

    Silo and vessel weighing applications can range from those involving small process vessels or hoppers with capacities less than 200 kg, up to high capacity storage silos of 100 t or more. Depending on the specific application, Weightron work together with experienced process contractors and engineers.

    The Weightron range of load cell mounting assemblies and process weighing instrumentation is ideally suited to a wide range of vessel, hopper and silo weighing applications. Key features include:

    • Stainless steel IP69K load cells from 20 kg to 100 t
    • Integrated mounting assemblies with overload and lift-off restraints
    • Pre-calibrated load cell units for simplified installation
    • ATEX certified load cells and weight indicators
    • Touch screen batching controllers
    • Discontinuous hopper scale controllers

    Please contact us for further information and advice.


    A number of important safety and system integrity factors must be considered when fitting load cells to silos and vessels, especially in retrofit applications. Therefore, the customer should seek expert advice when designing process weighing systems. Further background information can be obtained by reading the Institute of Measurement and Control document- A Guide to the Specification and Procurement of Process Weighing Systems. This can be downloaded from the Technical Weighing section of our Download Library.

    Please note, a number of important factors can affect weighing accuracy, including:

    • Force shunts and pipe work interaction
    • Wind forces
    • External temperature changes
    • Structural interaction between vessels
    • Variable forces caused by process equipment such as mixers and agitators
    • Effectiveness of the calibration method (relating applied load to signal output)

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