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    Process Weighing Systems

    Weightron have extensive experience in supplying process weighing systems, including hazardous area (ATEX) weighing equipment. We work with process contractors, system integrators and end users.

    • Silo and Vessel Weighing
    • ATEX Weighing
    • Recipe Formulation
    • Load Cells
    • DD2050HS Hopper Scale Terminal
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    Process Weighing Systems

    Our products include process controllers, load cell assemblies, weight indicators and terminals, digital junction boxes, weighing scales and software. We offer a range of ATEX certified weight controllers and systems for use in designated hazardous areas.

    Process weighing can be broadly subdivided into the following categories, each with their own specific requirements:

    • Basic level control
    • Stock/inventory control
    • Batching, blending and mixing
    • Recipe formulation
    • Loss in weight
    • Bulk discharge weighing
    • Filling and decanting

    For optimum performance and reliability, process weighing systems should be based on a blend of sound mechanical design principles together with versatile instrumentation and process weighing components. Flexible user-friendly software with inbuilt future-proof capabilities will ensure comprehensive weight data management.

    Key issues in the design and installation process mandate the use of qualified engineering expertise, especially for hazardous area applications and where structural integrity is a vital issue. Overall performance will always be affected by a range of environmental and operational factors. Cutting corners through the use of lower quality weighing components and instrumentation is false economy and will result in poor performance and low reliability.

    Load cells form the basis of over 99% of process weighing systems. Selecting the correct type and capacity is a critical issue that needs careful consideration from the outset. Detailed information on load cell selection can be found here.

    Please contact us for further help and advice.

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