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    Cement Plants

    Weighbridges & Industrial Scales

    Weightron’s comprehensive weighing and vehicle management control system improves overall cement plant productivity

    Cement Plants

    We know that weighing plays a crucial role in a wide range of cement plant processes. The key weighing sectors include: 

    • weighbridges 
    • silo filling and emptying
    • dosing, blending and bag filling 

    The majority of these processes involve a vehicle element, making raw material and finished product movements at modern plants diverse and complex. Ensuring the smooth running of the plant requires these vehicular operations to be efficient, safe, securely controlled and accountable through effective data collection. The Bilanciai Group’s SLV is a proven cement-specific control system, engineered to integrate these critical weighing operations with effective and efficient site-wide traffic management.

     At any given time, vehicles are not only entering and leaving the plant, but also travelling around the site from location to location. The various loading and unloading processes are extremely varied and, in the past, traffic management was seen as a quite separate part of the overall manufacturing process, typically resulting in bottle-necks at various parts of the plant.  

    The SLV system overcomes these issues and the highly versatile system:

    • streamlines, standardizes and automates material flow, 
    • enables the ongoing improvement and optimization of inbound and outbound processes. 
    • provides personnel with powerful tools for operational analysis 
    • ensures the automatic delivery of detailed reports to the right users. 

    SLV optimises the use of advanced identification technologies and HMI devices in conjunction with the latest weighing technologies.  

    The control process starts from the time vehicles arrive to check in at the holding area of the plant. Automatic number plate cameras check authorized vehicles against the comprehensive database, which can be pre-programmed for a range of parameters including haulier, driver, product, vehicle, tare weight and plant area destination. Large message board screens then instruct vehicle drivers when they can proceed and to which destination within the plant.  

    Cement plants around the world are already benefiting from the implementation of the SLV system.

    Benefits include:

    • reduction in vehicle weighing time due to the driver-operated weighbridge systems
    • much quicker parking management through automatic vehicle calling
    • reduction in the number of human errors due to the automatic management of the dispatching processes 
    • increased safety, security and organization within the plant
    • increased number of dispatched vehicles and cement quantities

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