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    Load Cells

    Weightron offer a comprehensive range of industrial load cells and mounting assemblies designed for process weighing applications.

    Industrial Load Cells

    Our digital and analogue products include:

    • Single point cells
    • Single ended bending beams
    • Shear beams (single and double ended)
    • ‘S’ tension beams (bending and shear)
    • Compression canisters
    • Ring torsion cells

    Material of construction includes aluminium, plated tool steel, painted tool steel and stainless steel.

    Selecting the correct type and capacity is a critical issue that needs careful consideration from the outset. The key factors in the decision process must take into account:

    • The overall capacity of the weighing system
    • The dead weight of the weighing system itself when empty
    • The working range of the weighing system
    • Any overload requirements (e.g. wind forces, shock loading, vibration, seismic forces)
    • Environmental factors (e.g. wash-down, chemicals, temperature changes)
    • Required sealing levels and material of construction
    • Accuracy and repeatability requirements
    • Legislative requirements (e.g. legal-for-trade, ATEX)

    It should be remembered that in many applications, the actual live working range of the load cell (and hence the available electrical output) will be reduced depending on the dead weight of the vessel and any overload requirements. This can have an important effect on performance and further endorses the need to ensure load cells are of the highest quality.

    Mounting hardware

    In the majority of applications, fitting load cells without the use of proprietary mounting hardware can be difficult and very unsatisfactory. Well-designed hardware not only plays an important role in terms of load introduction, vessel restraint, lift-off protection and overload protection, but also facilitates load cell fitting and removal.

    Any final decision in the selection process will almost certainly involve a level of compromise to optimise performance versus system integrity and environmental compatibility.

    Please contact us for further help and advice on this important subject.

    Download GPA-C EHP Datasheet Download GPA-CDC-EN Datasheet Download GPA-NF Datasheet Download GPA-NT Datasheet Download GPA-NTE Datasheet Download GPA-S Datasheet

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